Are you overdue for your dental exam and cleaning because of COVID?

Delayed oral care has consequences.

Dentistry is not expensive. Neglect is. Make sure you come see us at least once every 6 months for your regular cleanings and checkup.
Rastakhiz Family Dental

Dental Exam & Cleaning

Routine Checkup

Just want to get a dental cleaning without the upsell of other dental work?

We offer a preventative wellness visit that includes a cleaning, x-rays, and a thorough dental exam.

It’s a simple, honest, COVID-safe dental exam and cleaning — no pressure, no upselling.

At Rastakhiz Family Dental you’ll enjoy dental care in a friendly environment that focuses on your comfort and quality of care without the upsell pitch and pressures.

Going to the dentist can be fun!┬áIt’s like a spa day for teeth.

We offer extra-oral x-raya for your comfort, a thourough and gentle cleaning, and you’ll even get a take home gift. Score!

About 90 minutes or less
Rastakhiz Family Dental

Dental Implants

An amazing option to transform your smile. With proper care, dental implants can last a lifetime.
Consult 60 minutes
Rastakhiz Family Dental
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